We are building social architecture to inspire self-regulating community through blockchain. Frictionless collaboration has never existed until now. We will put the community before all else. Welcome to TREE

Mission Statement

Give power to the people by allowing them to choose their representatives, This will create a self sustaining community of individuals. Leadership positions will not be paid. Those leading will do so out of abundance and a desire to help others. Letting the community vote for voluntary leaders will inspire unanimous support from all our members. Communities working together will create more opportunities, and abundance for everyone involved, as well as attract investors to lease assets to us and generate more profits. Leaders will represent the players, the investors, and the dac equally, and unbiasedly.


Short Term - Aggressive acquisition of in game assets. Inspire new members to learn, teach, and contribute in unique ways - Mid Term - Create sustainable economies and provide maximum yield to the most amount of people. Elect leaders from our community who will lead out of abundance and a desire to help others, not themselves. Trust-less and friction-less blockchain, will enable all of us to verify our leaders authenticity, and follow them knowing that we all get a fair share of whatever we build. - Long Term - Inspire governments in real life to change the way we elect our officials. They will be eager to learn how we are able to have tens of thousands to potentially millions of people unanimously working together. We will acquire 99 year leases for government granted land, and build communities in real life for our members.


Tree is a global community comprising of players, investors and visionaries, open to all languages of the world. Members will form groups, and will select out of them an individual with high intrinsic value to represent them. Representatives will go on to form smaller groups, and they will again choose a leader. This process will continue until there is a final group of seven individuals who will be the leaders of the guild

Current Positions

We are looking for software developers, players, leaders, investors, visionaries, and open minded people.


Solana based Seed tokens are given to helpful members to show proof-of-contribution. Owning enough seeds is one of the requirements to take part in voting, and being voted on.

Unique Attributes

The potential of every individual will be fully realized when we give each of them the freedom of choice and transparency of blockchain. This has already created a wonderful and inspiring atmosphere that seems to attract the best people to our group. they are each bringing value in unique ways. As a whole working, as one, we are the most effective, and most profitable community in blockchain

  • Faction: All
  • Lore: Community
  • Size: Extra Large (1000+)


Guild Leader

Discord: Bodhi [TREE]

$1M allocation in Star Atlas, Creating Tree as a way to give back to the community