Share resources and create synergies.

Mission Statement

Share resources and create synergies.


The Sovana DAO was built to unite the community. it is an organization For

Like minded people to connect and at the same time, creating job opportunities.

Just like how countries have a national sport THAT BONDS ITS CITIZENS. Sovana will have #SolanaGames.


The two pillars of Sovana are:

The Sovana Social Platform (currently being built):
- A metaverse where all NFTs, Defi applications and the wider crypto community can gather, collaborate and host events.

Sovana DAO: - Accumulated over $250k Star Atlas ships (2 Calico Guardians).
- A guild for the Sovana community to get behind, participate in and cheer on!
- Receive profits from the Sovana Social Platform and NFT marketplace.
- Other perks, governance and NFTs.

Come meet and hangout with the Sovana fam on Discord!

Current Positions

We are looking for treasurers, scholars, ship pilots, investors, developers and artists.

Come introduce yourself on our Discord! There is a place for all in Sovana.


Sovanian NFT sale which will grant access to the Sovana DAO.

The Sovanian NFTs and DAO should grow in value based on:
- The yield generated from play to earn assets acquired.
- Sovana platform growth.
- Seed investments carried out by the DAO.

Unique Attributes

Besides the $250k + Star Atlas ships accumulated;

DAO members will also benefit from all Sovana products that will be built.

  • Faction: ONI
  • Lore: The national sport of Sovana is Star Atlas.
  • Size: Medium (100-500)


Guild Leader

Discord: thug29#0029

The Sovana team is made up of 7 individuals with backgrounds in project management, programming, indie game development and NFT floor sweeping.

The founder, Thug29 is an experienced crypto propriety trader and has been in the Crypto space since 2016.

The Sovana DAO currently consists of over 30 members from Axie Infinity players, pro e-sports players and seasoned crypto investors.