Seraphs of the Stars

Guardian Angels of the Metaverse

Mission Statement

Guardian Angels of the Metaverse


Keep the metaverse's inhabitants and their possessions safe and well


The Seraphs are a group of search-and-rescuers, named for their otherworldly presence and efficiency. Operating an extensive network of support, their familiar ships and kind members are a welcome respite from the emptiness of space. And, along with their enthusiastic A.I, Lux, the Seraphs are not just rescuers, but companions.

Current Positions



Search and Rescue service, member discounts on cross-guild trades, support network

Unique Attributes

The first (and currently only) guild devoted to search-and-rescue. Lux, a custom-built A.I. bot in our server, is a friendly conversationalist and knowledgeable companion. Using an advanced machine-learning algorithm, he is continually improving.

Seraphs of the Stars
  • Faction: Undecided
  • Lore: Space age/ Space Exploration
  • Size: Small (<100)


Guild Leader

Discord: Jirachi#5160