Skull & Bones

Libertatem in Perpetuum: Freedom Forever

Mission Statement

Skull & Bones [S&B] is the largest pirate DAC in Star Atlas. We only have 1 rule: Loyalty to the Crew.


Piracy & Deep Space Conquest


Skull & Bones is a DAC with plans to utilize a DAO to provide crew members equal opportunity to succeed in Star Atlas. A small and equal % of all revenue made by every crew member will be sent to the DAO. This is to fund shared assets such as capital ships, land acquisitions, PvP insurance policies, resource banking and many others. We operate under a manifesto with a macro plan consisting of individual micro components. Be warned: this is not a passive playstyle.

Current Positions

1. King of the Pirates
2. Quartermaster
3. Officer
4. Admiral 1-5 Star [Aerial Combat]
5. Commander 1-5 Star [Terrestrial Combat]
6. Captain
7. 1st Mate
8. 2nd Mate
9. Pirate
10. Raider
11. Crew


-Future DAO Implementation
-Scholarship Programs
-Weekly/Monthly Raffles

Unique Attributes

Everyone gets 1 vote, all are equal

Skull & Bones
  • Faction: MUD
  • Lore: Space age piracy
  • Size: Medium (100-500)


Guild Leader

Discord: 13omb3r#0134