Deep Profits

Explore. Extract. Exploit.

Mission Statement

Explore. Extract. Exploit.


DEEP is creating a safe and profitable space for humans in the metaverse.


Ownership and decision making powers are distributed through our DAC. Governance decisions are made by the active members, through a series of DAC proposals.

Current Positions

Our DAC is recruiting Directors, Wing Commanders, Squadron Leaders, Lieutenants, Pilots and Cadets


Here are a few things you can learn by being a part of Deep Profits,

- Command a Squadron of like minded gamers to conquer the metaverse

- Shape the future of our DAC by submitting proposals and voting on the outcomes

- Design your own Star Atlas themed NFT's and learn how to sell them on the open market

- Collaborate with our developers to create unique software

Unique Attributes

We educate our token holders about the risks involved in crypto and DeFi, research and develop profitable strategies together, and strive to grow a mature and passionate user base.

Deep Profits
  • Faction: MUD
  • Lore: Metaverse Profitability
  • Size: Medium (100-500)


Guild Leader

Discord: Xcode#3753