Aephia Industies

Build. Own. Earn.

Mission Statement

Build. Own. Earn.


Corporate Goals:
* Produce & sell ALL craftable ships
* Secure access to ALL available resources
* Construct our supply chain from the bottom up, moving in lockstep with game module releases by the team
* Develop Tier 5 Shipyards and other production facilities in all 3 factions

Community Goals:
* Enable our members to maximize their earnings potential
* Raise the knowledge level of our members by 24/7 knowledge sharing
* Provide/create resources for our members through which they can educate themselves
* Coordinate land adoption


Flat structure right now. We'll add roles as relevant modules come out

Current Positions



Working together and helping each other to grow more efficiently.

Unique Attributes

Most active: 4/5 accounts by activity on Star Atlas Discord server are Aephians.
Most knowledgeable: 3/3 Star Atlas game trivia competition winners are Aephians.
Most creative: 2/3 Star Atlas writing competition winners are Aephians.

Aephia Industies
  • Faction: All
  • Lore: Spaceship builders
  • Size: Extra Large (1000+)

Prometheus | Funcracker

Guild Leaders

Discord: Prometheus#2401, Funcracker#7557

Significant experience in mainstream finance/coding/crypto