DAC in the Star Atlas Metaverse focused on industrial development, business relations, and multinational operational security for missions

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to engage in P2E games with a mind towards having fun, earning, and compounding value as a team. A rising tide lifts all ships. ROME will be a top tier guild in Star Atlas with a mind towards competing with other top tier guilds in the end game


Rome is currently 100% focused on Star Atlas and have selected ONI as their faction.


ROME is a multiverse guild.

Current Positions

Nomad is the entry-level role. Nomads are a part of the guild but likely to wander off, hence the name. Citizens are full guild members and carry the | ROME tag.


ROME is a community of gamers, artists, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and cryptophiles, collectively with many years of MMO guild leadership and involvement.

Unique Attributes

In-depth podcasts

  • Faction: ONI
  • Lore: Ancient Rome/ Roman Civilization
  • Size: Extra Large (1000+)

Raysius Veznuticus, FancyHat, Ultra625, Witticus, Bonefyde & Banjo Samurai

Guild Leaders

Discord: @investgeek.crypto#9155, @RayVeze | CTG#1530, @FancyHat#7235, @Banjo Samurai#5859, @Crytoloneus#1536, & @ultra625#6038