Bulkers train and work together to provide secure resource transport and strategic support.

Mission Statement

Bulkers train and work together to provide secure resource transport and strategic support.


We believe the coming metaverse will fundamentally change the nature of work in our global society. NFTs are enabling people to create real-world value for themselves inside new digital economies. Seeing personal skill as a key factor in success in Star Atlas, BULK is dedicated to ever-improving the human-level expertise of community members. Through regular training and experimentation for freight-bearing, datarunner, and security pilots operating together, BULK teams can serve in the field with greater safety and effectiveness. These and other experiences prepare Bulkers to take on freight and combat missions in the higher-risk and more rewarding zones of space in Star Atlas.

BULK Teams: These teams represent the core of our in-space operations. With regular ingame events to hone methods of combat and securing and transporting cargo in myriad situations, we build a culture of experimentation and practice as a community. We will explore various fleet configurations and tactics as a matter of course.

Mutually-Incentivized Structure: Through experimentation and regular training, Bulkers can operate more safely in hazardous areas, such as those in the Medium Zone, Danger Zone, and active warzones. Bulkers offer resource harvesters and their clients the ability to transport resources with greater security through these spaces. In doing so, BULK supports Interstellar Alliance partners in bringing resources to market from dangerous contexts. For pilots, each Transport Mission earns real-world value, with a variety of ways this can unfold before us. For researchers and builders, access to a breadth of resources and vertically-integrated industrial facilities streamlines operations.


BULK is governed by a body of Councilbulkers, with several degrees of rank for Bulkers across categories of operation awarded for merit by Council vote. We are exploring the use of freely-distributed membership NFTs to enable on-chain governance.

Current Positions

BULK is always open to people wanting to train with their fellows and take on the thrill of the haul, the challenge of combat, or the craft of industry.


Alongside value earned as fleets in riskier space, we offer skill-development, a meta-crafting community, and competitive events including pvp arenas and freighter races. As members in the IA and UMO, Bulkers are part of a larger community spanning all three factions of the Star Atlas metaverse.

Unique Attributes

BULK is dedicated to ever-improving the community's expertise on a human level in a specific and fundamental area of the Star Atlas economy—secure resource transport and strategic support.

  • Faction: MUD
  • Lore: For the thrill of the haul, and the challenge of the void.
  • Size: Medium (100-500)


Guild Leader

Discord: Eoganacht#8856

Greetings! My name is Eoganacht. Alongside being an avid strategy gamer and tabletop wargame enthusiast since I could operate a mouse or roll dice, I have professional experience in communications. A lifelong fan of anything remotely scifi, I spent many years in EVE Online in particular, and found the social aspects of a vast player-run universe to be some of the most rewarding experiences I've had. From leading corporations to alliance diplomacy, the ability to build and contribute to communities is what enamored me.

Star Atlas gives us the ability to dedicate our time and experience to a galactic-scale metaverse and create something enabling others to gain skills and earn value for themselves and their families. It is an incredible thing, and I look forward to building this future with you all.